Export Glyphs as SVGs with Bezier Curves


I was wondering if there’s a way to export characters in the Glyphs program as SVGs that show the bezier curves. I intend to build a UI feature on a website that allows users to see the bezier curves of each character in my font. I think SVG paths would be the best decision because I want to use JavaScript libraries that allow morphing. Any suggestions?


For multiple reasons, @Mark is your guy.

For one, check out his site hypertype.xyz, on which you can even manipulate the Bézier curves directly in your browser.

Otherwise, he has a wonderful plugin called Presenter (which you can find in the plugin manager) that allows you to export glyphs with their nodes and all. I don’t remember whether it allows SVG.

You could otherwise do this with a relatively straightforward Drawbot script.

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Okay, I had some fun writing together a sample Drawbot script. You can find it in my otherwise extremely inactive repository GitHub - eweracs/drawbot-scripts: Some DrawBot scripts. It’s called PrintLayerNodes and you need to run it from in the DrawBot plugin within Glyphs.

Beware: It generates an .svg file for every single glyph (first master only) in your font and writes them all separately to the desktop. Feel free to adjust the script to your needs.

It’s currently stylised like on klim.co.nz, for hotness reasons, but you can apply any styling you like, the code is pretty straightforward.

Okay, sorry to hijack this thread so much, but you might be interested in my re-write of my nodes animation script, it’s far more customisable and accessible now. I plan to add more customisation options and a way to add animation steps with specific instructions.

Find it here: