Export ignores Vietnamese and South Eastern European Glyphs

Hey guys,

I just made some glyphs for vietnamese and south eastern europe, but when I export the font to an .otf file these glyphs are all missing. I guess there is a problem with the automatic identification of the languagesystem in the features panel?

This is how my Languagesystems entry looks like:
languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;
languagesystem grek dflt;
languagesystem latn ROM;
languagesystem latn MOL;
languagesystem latn CAT;


Language systems have nothing to do with glyph export. Are the glyphs in question set to export and named correctly?

Yes, the glyphs export is checked - I haven’t touched the names of the glyphs which glyphs generated automatically by right clicking in the left panel … They have the same name in the UnicodeChecker as well.

Can you send the .glyphs file to support at glyphsapp dot com? I’ll have a look at it.

I just saw that I am having technical difficulties with that mail account. Please send it to mekka at mekkablue dot com instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How did you check if the glyphs are there?

I had a look at your file. The glyphs export just fine for me. Did you test the right version of your font?

I recommend you use the Adobe Fonts folder for testing.