Export Issue with Fix Overlap?

I am reviewing some files that were sent to me to update, so I am not the designer who did the original drawings for our company. But we are are having some issues exporting, where the paths are not connecting, maybe related to remove overlap settings?

Any help would be much appreciate as to what we need to do or set to correct these exports?

Here is a picture of a style in Glyphs

and the boldest style

That’s is normal regarding how your letters are made.
I assume that problem happen with in interpolated weight.

For me they are two option :

  • Add 2 extra nodes to make the round shape of thinner master touch like in bold (that’s mean also add points in bold master)
  • Or shift to the left the round shape of Bold. (Which in my opinion is the best choice)

Thanks Hugo, that fixed the issue! I had to adjust it like you said by moving it to line up more, like in this attached image.

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