Export issues with Woff (1) and stylistic sets

[edit] Facepalm! Please ignore this post. Generate feature automatically was unchecked for ss01. All working fine now. Feel free to delete the post.

Apologies if this question has been previously answered. I did search the forum but didn’t find this particular issue.

I have exported my font as a woff. The font includes alternate characters for A and Q. I have set these up as A.ss01, A.ss02 A.ss03, Q.ss01 and Q.ss02.

The font itself works fine (testing in Chrome), A.ss02 and A.ss03 are fine,but A.ss01 appears as a base A. The same thing happens with the Q.

Should A.ss01 be identical to the base A and should I rename the alternates to 01, 03, 04?

Finally, as I’m just making a few alternates, should I be using ss01 etc or salt?
Thanks in advance.