Export Italic style

Hello guys!
I have font with any styles: italic and regular, for example. I made any changes in characters of font and I want to export this font. Export of Regular goes is right. But if I export Italic style He is export such Regular (non Italic). I check in FontBookPreview. You can view image here.
Before vs After Export

So, please, prompt. How I can right export italic style of font? Into Instance tab I try to mark Italic for Regular but this don’t help me. What do I do wrong?


This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

No, it’s don’t help me. Why does Glyphs generate wrong name of style in instance?
I have a font with style name "45 Regular Italic"

But when I open this font in Glyphs, instance panel looks
instance panel

Why is style name wrong? Why doesn’t Italic marked? Is it bug of glyphs? How I can fix it?

If you want your font to be marked as Italic in the Mac system, setting Italic bits is not enough, you also have to define an italic angle other than zero.

It is recommended that style names should start with a letter.

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