Export Layer to SVG

Is there a way to simple export glyph as SVG image or export multiple glyphs as multiple SVG images?

Have you tried the Glyph as Image filter?

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It works! Thank you.
Is there some documentation for the automatic naming? I would like to achieve something like this {{{glyph.name}}}-{{{master.name}}}

You can do: {{{glyph.name}}}-{{{layer.associatedFontMaster.name}}} After glyph. or layer. you can use any property of GSGlyph or GSLayer. Check the Core spec (not the python API).

Hi @GeorgSeifert, getting back to the task. Doing it with a filter is sufficient for exporting glyphs one by one. However, this is quite tedious for exporting a larger batch of glyphs.

This question looks like a similar goal.