Export Metrics / Import Metrics

Hej there,

Two quick question on the option Export Metrics / Import Metrics:

When exporting (File > Export) — what is actually being exported? All masters or just the one current master?

I exported an upright and tried to import to on an italic / slanted version of the same font but nothing happened. I’ve also tried selecting the glyphs in list view and imported then. Still, no changes at all.

Anything particular to be aware of?

It exports the current master. And imports it into the current master. You need to select some/all glyphs.

The “Export metrics” feature right now doesn’t seem to do anything for me; it doesn’t create any file, and leaves Glyphs in an interesting state - many of the menu options are greyed out, especially those in the Window menu, and (unfortunately) the Quit Glyphs option.