Export multiple versions with different effects from single base font

Is this possible? i.e. the one font (one master, one weight) can export, say, a normal, shadow and rough version (by applying custom parameters at export) all at the same time from the one font, without having to duplicate it 3 times? Thanks.

Yes. Read this, please: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/custom-parameters

Great, thanks.

Hm, not sure I understand… as far as I can see, I’d need to add a second instance (i.e. copying the font) then apply the filter, so we get the font plus the filtered version exporting. This means I have TWO masters, making updates more difficult. I’d like to have ONE font that exports TWO versions at export. Is that possible? Forgive me if that link explains how it’s done, but I can’t see how…

No. Add an instance with the custom parameters you need, not a master.

Ah, got it!

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