Export not working: font with complex outlines, disable subroutines


I have a hatched style within my family which doesn’t export.

In 2017 I created the same style as a Sans Serif (but with less glyphs) and everything was fine:

Now, with the Serif, export works with disable subroutines but the file size grows to 2.8 MB … When “Disable Subroutines” is OFF, this style doesn’t export. I tried for 1:15 hours before I stopped the process.


Version 2.5.1 (1141)

Any ideas?
Many THX! Georg

If you have many paths, finding subroutines will take very long and can fail, that is why I would not recommend to use this kind of compression here. This is explained in detail in the Complex Paths tutorial.

What is the problem with an OTF at 2.8MB? If you have many paths, the file size is not surprising.

It will eventually finish the export. But it can take hours.

I’ve got it and it was not the complex outlines.

One single unclean path caused the trouble.
After adjusting the path, the style exports within a minute.

Thank You!