Export one glyphs only


We’re trying to work with a friend on a font we started some times ago.
The thing is we would like to work from home (you know why) and exchange our work fast. Is it possible to export only one wip glyph, not the complete font and to open it in another computer (.ufo files / python script maybe) to exchange about it ?
I didn’t find answers for that for the moment.

I’m also open to any other collaboration solutions (free / opensource if possible) if you have some


I am afraid it is more complicated than just exchanging one glyph, because settings in a glyph depend on multiple things that lie outside the scope of the glyph. Master settings, components, hints, zones, you name it.

Better to establish a git solution or two separate files you merge on a regular basis, e.g. with MergeGlyphs.

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ok ok, this is what I expected, thanks for the fast answer !