Export problem for Turkish localisation

Since I have updated to the new Glyphs version 2.6.2 (1268), I have an error message at export:
“The fonts contain glyphs with duplicate production names: f_i, f_idotaccent (f_i).”

I followed the localisation feature for Turkish according your tutorial.

OK that’s a bug. Thx for reporting.

What is the difference between f_i and f_idotaccent, designwise? If they are the same, you may not need the idotaccent in the first place.

OK. Yes, they are different.

By the way, if I select a language (e.g. Turkish) in the features option in a tab, it doesn’t change anything (also before the update). Normal?

Depending on the design, you might be better of with an alternate f (f.short) that you switch in by context:

sub f' [b f l k h i idotaccent adieresis odieresis udieresis] by f.short;

You also need to select the locl feature.

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Coming back to the original problem, select f_idotaccent in Font view (Cmd-Opt-1), edit its info (Cmd-Opt-I), and set the production name to e.g. f_i.loclTRK.

Yes, that would be possible too. Where would you put the feature, in LOCL or CALT, or both?

This goes to calt.