Export problem on Glyphs mini

Hi !

I’m on Glyphs mini, I have an export problem, apparently, all the glyphs are back up while on my document nothing has changed. I must have changed something but I don’t know what … Help me please > __ <

You most likely have a font cache problem.

Thank you for this answer. It doesn’t look like a cache issue because when using the previous font, everything goes back to normal.

Here is a sample to illustrate the issue: the page shows an icon from the previous font (currently used in production, generated with the previous version of Glyph Mini, before July 2017), and an icon from the new font (generated by the last version of Glyph Mini). Except on macOS Safari and Chrome, all browsers are aligning the icons differently (tested on Firefox macOS/Windows/Linux, IE11, Edge, Chrome on Windows/Linux).

We did a lot of tests, trying all the export options.

The images does not load for me. And I do not understand your verbal description. What you describe does not exclude a caching issue. Does the new font have the same name as the previous one?

Sorry, the forum is embedding jsbin in HTTP instead of HTTPS so the frame won’t show up. Please see this link:

I suspect the browsers interpret the fonts differently, probably by measuring key glyphs or testing for the charset.

Best guess: one of the fonts lacks the space glyph. And some of the standard glyphs are empty, like the .notdef.

I didn’t compare screenshots but the two ‘plus’ icons looks very much the same in Safari and Chrome on my machine.

You are on macOS, could you test on Firefox ?

thank you but after several tests it does not seem to be the problem: /

On MacOS all it’s ok except on firefox … You can see the screenshot attached… Not the same alignment.

GeorgSeifert, thanks again for your help, can you tell me the difference between the 2 documents. I would like to continue working on my document serenely :wink: