Export result error box

Not sure what caused this. I exported WOFF format, and the resulting files seem to be working fine.

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Can you send me the .glyphs file?

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When I was trying to export then it was showing an error like this and I thought it to be due to the internet connectivity. Afterwards the router connection failed and showing connection failed with error 651

I have made some slight changes in an existing typeface but when I tried to export to Open Type I got error box “Subtable Overflow: tableType: OTGPOS LookupIndex: 2 SubTableIndex: 0 ItemName: lookupList ItemIndex: 0”.

@ahgren please search the forum for “Overflow”

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same Font Info Error is happening to me - should I send you the file @GeorgSeifert?

Please send the file.

Just done, sorry for the delay