Export Syntax Error

Hello everyone,

I am trying to export a file but keep getting this error:

Error: “syntax error at “NULL” missing” in Feature cpsp in line: 11

Can someone please help out? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Open your Font info, go to the Features tab, on the left select cpsp under features and check what is going on in line 11 :slight_smile:
Most likely you are referencing a glyph or class that does not exist.

I have nothing on line 11,

I just have this on line 1:

pos [A AE AEacute Aacute Abreve Acircumflex Adieresis Agrave Amacron Aogonek Aring Aringacute Atilde B C Cacute Ccaron Ccedilla Ccircumflex Cdotaccent D Dcaron Dcroat E Eacute Ebreve Ecaron Ecircumflex Edieresis Edotaccent Egrave Emacron Eng Eogonek Eth Euro F G Gbreve Gcircumflex Gcommaaccent Gdotaccent H Hbar Hcircumflex I IJ Iacute Ibreve Icircumflex Idieresis Idotaccent Igrave Imacron Iogonek Itilde J Jcircumflex K Kcommaaccent L Lacute Lcaron Lcommaaccent Ldot Lslash M N Nacute Ncaron Ncommaaccent Ntilde O OE Oacute Obreve Ocircumflex Odieresis Ograve Ohungarumlaut Omacron Oslash Oslashacute Otilde P Q R Racute Rcaron Rcommaaccent S Sacute Scaron Scedilla Scircumflex T Tbar Tcaron Thorn U Uacute Ubreve Ucircumflex Udieresis Ugrave Uhungarumlaut Umacron Uogonek Uring Utilde V W Wacute Wcircumflex Wdieresis Wgrave X Y Yacute Ycircumflex Ydieresis Ygrave Z Zacute Zcaron Zdotaccent ampersand copyright dollar eight eight.plf eight.tnum exclam exclamdown five five.plf five.tnum four four.plf four.tnum germandbls nine nine.plf nine.tnum one one.plf one.tnum paragraph percent perthousand questiondown registered section seven seven.plf seven.tnum six six.plf six.tnum sterling three three.plf three.tnum trademark two two.plf two.tnum uni0162 uni0218 uni1E02 uni1E0A uni1E1E uni1E40 uni1E56 uni1E60 uni1E6A yen zero zero.plf zero.tnum Uhorn] <2 0 4 0>;

What would I need to do in here?


Please check this tutorial: https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/troubleshooting-a-font-that-does-not-export