Export typeface – Error remove overlaps

Hi there. I am trying to export a typeface I have perfectly exported before without issue.

I have changed the kerning for the letters to be more wide than usual (long story short, it’s for a specific application that doesn’t support kerning and its a small typesize).

There are no overlaps in the typeface at all, since I only changed Kerning and only as a test. I have imported letters from the old typeface but that doesn’t help either. I also can’t export the old typeface anylonger, as I did perfectly fine back in May.

I have changed to a new version of macos though? My mac OS system is MacOs Catalina. Glyphs version is 2.0.1 (85)

Many many thanks for pointers!

You need the latest version of Glyphs Mini. Version 2.0.1 is not supported on Catalina.