Export UFOs not working well in 2.5.2 (1153)

Hi there,

Today I updated to the latest build but now I can’t export my master (or instances) to UFO. No matter what I select as active, only one master is exported (and not the selected one).
I think it was a good move to let you export instances (not only masters) as UFO, but it’s not working well.


It works fine for me. And where do you find an option to export instances?

Now I see no selector to choose the masters I want to export so I assumed it would work just like the other export tabs exporting the active instances (I think this would make sense). Anyway, only a Light master is exported to UFO, nothing else. I will send you my file.


It doesn’t show the master selection if you only have one master.

But obviuosly this is not the case, Georg. I am sending you the file.

The problem was that the export dialog would stick to the state it had when it was first opened. So if you export a font with only one master and then try to exhort one with more then one, it would still show the simple dialog. Restart Glyphs and it will work. I fixed it.

Cool! Now it works. Beside of this, don’t you think export UFO should work as all the other export tabs, exporting instances instead of masters?