Export Variable Trouble


As I’m working on a variable typeface with 20 styles, I see some trouble with opening them in either Font Book and Keynote. In Adobe they seems to work fine though.

Some instances and masters get recognised, while others do not really. Well, they are recognised, but gives them a generic name (In this case the’re all called ‘vars,’ see screenshot).

Let me explain: there are 10 instances (excluding obliques here) of which the ones starting with an underscore are the masters. The ones with the ++ are named wrong in Font Book and Keynote (also see screenshot below)
_Compressed 10 ++
Condensed 10 ++
_Regular 10
Extended 10
_Expanded 10

_Compressed 20 ++
Condensed 20 ++
_Regular 20
Extended 20
_Expanded 20

Hope someone can help!

This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs


that didn’t seem to solve the problem. Any other guesses? Want me to share the file?


Can you send me the file?

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Download work file here. I hope you can help figure this out!

Any luck there?

I had a look at your file and I can’t find what is wrong with it.

No problem with keynote or Font Book showing the same for various weights? Printscreen please :smiley:

I can see the problem in font Book but I don’t know what causing it. Your font looks good so far.

And any other colleagues? Could they be of help?