Export Web Font, baseline is shifted

Glyphs Version 2.2.1 (819)
Our company uses Glyphs to maintain a custom font for web icons. Up until ~2 months ago Glyphs worked well but now when I export TTF and view it in the browser the font is shifted very far down vertically.

This was my workflow (though I’m trying to reduce a test case):
Open .glyphs file, Add character(s)
Export as TTF
Import to Font Squirrel for web font generation OR use export Web Font in Glyphs (TTF/EOT/SVG)

Now even my previous good TTF when opened & exported in Glyphs as TTF with no additions has its baseline shifted.

Any ideas?

Two things to look out for:

  1. Very high or low nodes in one or more of your glyphs.
  2. Take a look inside the TTF with OTMaster (Light version is free), and look for the vertical metrics in the hhea and OS/2 values. and set them with a custom parameter. Read this step-by-step tutorial if this sounds like gibberish to you.

How and where do you test your fonts? This could be a cache problem too. There are tutorials about font caches in the Tutorials section.

It’s tested locally with caches off and I can verify that the font ‘switches’ when I use a good version and a bad version.

So after doing about 100 variations of every export option between Glyphs and Font Squirrel I got it working using OTF (no TTF) export in Glyphs and using Font Squirrel in Chrome.

I know for a fact that previously I used export OTF as TTF so not sure what might have changed in the app in the last few months.

Thanks for the response and hope this helps anyone else looking.

What did you do that worked?

At the time I couldn’t tell but now I am certain it was the “Auto Adjust Vertical Metrics” option in Font Squirrel. Previously I must have been leaving it at “No adjust” assuming less changes were better for testing.

I also contacted Georg and he pointed me to your link about all the esoteric metrics settings. I think I’ll try to just keep using Auto Adjust in Font Squirrel.