Export Webfont: html/css with woff//

Glyphs menu File › Export Webfont creates a woff-woff2 file collection in chosen directory. Those woff’s are incomplete without the html/css test file (more user workflow) to confirm/distribute the webfont. Sample confirmation/production to be included, please.

As an example of this very basic html/css support, consider https://www.transfonter.org. Where one is diverted from workflow to online file shares to obtain the required html/css production. Without that html/css inclusion, each Webfont Export requires 10-30 minutes of coding to perform confirmation/production. Using Glyphs competitor products, (Transfonter, etc) the html/css production enables easy copy/paste everywhere that webfonts go. Please add the missing coding-critical html/css with potential file output to Glyphs App’s “Export Webfont” command.

Two-file html/css would be preferred by Glyphs conformance with industry standards. Though In keeping with Glyphs ‘compact’ nature, a single html file is all that is required, with embedded css. While some users would prefer no html /css output. Glyphs could provide 3 user choices: none, embedded, external. Deployment? Glyphs users can be provided on-the-fly option and/or app preference: none (default), embedded (html file) or external (html/css files) …to be added to the woff/woff2 folder, as selected by user.

That is a good idea. But I dont think that it needs so many options: just the plain CSS. You need to copy it into your owns files anyway and all the other stuff would just be confusing.