Exported font missing letters in Font Menu

I have exported my first font using Glyphs Mini, it works beautifully in Adobe and Microsoft BUT certain characters/letters are missing from the font name in the font menu. Please help.

Can be anything really. Depends on how you installed the fonts. And if you had previous installs you were overwriting. Can you exclude font conflicts and/or cache issues?

Which OS, which apps are you testing in?

I first installed the font using font book then noticed the problem so removed the font, followed instructions from another glyph thread on removing the cache and restarting my computer. On Microsoft word the first letter is missing from the font name and then in Adobe illustrator the S is missing from the word “sample” when you open the font menu although in illustrator the name displays correctly. It’s confusing because its not the same letter causing the problem. It’s different letters in different programs.

Sounds very much like a cache problem. Can you try in a different user on your system?