Exported SVG colour font is not displayed/read out as colour font in Adobe Apps

Hello all,
I am having problems exporting my SVG colour font.

I followed the tutorials Creating a Microsoft Color Font (CPAL/COLR) | Glyphs and Creating an SVG Color Font | Glyphs.
Unfortunately, my font is not displayed in colour in the Adobe applications.

I can also see that it is not even recognised as an SVG font – as you can see here.

I don’t know what the problem could be and would really appreciate some help.

Can you send me the .glyphs and the .otf file?

Unfortunately the forum does not allow me to upload my file since I am a new user. Is there any other way I can send it to you.

@GeorgSeifert I sent you the files via messages. Would be so thankful if you could have a look at it.

I got the files. Will look at it as soon as possible.

You need to add a “Color Layers to SVG” parameter to the instance.

Thank you SO much. It’s working now