Exporting a variable color font

How can I temporarily turn off color palette in my variable font?

Why do you need that?

It is not possible to edit color palettes in the Sketch program.

Also, as far as I understand, it is impossible to choose a variant of a letter without a color in CSS.

Therefore, we need an instance of a variable font that has no colors.

You wrote that you like to disable the “Color Palette”. That was confusing me. You like to disable the full color font. That can be done with the “Export COLR Table” (or “Export SVG Table”, “Export sbix Table”) parameter and unchecking its box.

I can’t find these settings in the main font settings.

They are in the “Export” tab, but I need to export the variable font rather than each font (light / regular / bold and so on) separately.

Maybe I don’t understand. Please tell me. And thank you very much for your efficiency.

Have you added a variable font setting?
Exports > + > Add Variable Font Setting.

Then add the custom parameter to the variable font setting as Georg described.

That’s great! You have helped me a lot.

Thank you very much. And special thanks for the quick response.