Exporting a Variable Font with stacked nodes causes compatibility problems

We have a font family with variable inktraps, and they grow out from stacked nodes to form large traps (see images below).

When exporting the variable font, I get the “Glyphs are not compatible” message.

Are the stacked nodes being removed by Glyphs automatically during export, and then causing a problem when it comes time to check for compatibility?


I think the problem are the curves, not the zero segment (=‘stacked points’). When they are reduced to a straight diagonal line, they are not completely straight. They have a tiny inclination, which technically is a very different curve than the one it expands to in the other master. And it is different in such a way that compatible TT curves cannot be calculated.

Two solutions:

  1. Retract the curve segments into the ‘zero point’ as well. Or:
  2. Bend the curves a tiny little bit like in the second master, so that the curves bend into the same directions in both masters.

Can you send me the file?

I fixed it. Thanks for the file.

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Is there anything bad for the end user about having stacked nodes in a variable font?

You mean a segmented retracted into one coordinate? No, that is OK in a variable font.


Thanks, downloaded the latest cutting edge, working perfectly!

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