Exporting bug report


I’ve been experiencing several times a situation when in a certain point of design process I found out that all my components have been decomposed. I had this issue many times now, but I thought I always did it by accident by selecting all glyphs and decomposing.

Today I finally found out that this is not my fault, but custom parameter’s “color layers to SVG” which I use to export color fonts out of color masters. When I export a font, it decomposes all components in layers which are color layers. The rest remains in components.

Please keep this issue in mind in future updates, because it’s really frustrating when I have to create components again.

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In the original .glyphs files? I cannot reproduce.

Let’s say we have a font like this. Square is A, triangle is E and together they make the glyph AE out of components. Black layer doesn’t have Master Color custom parameter, so it is black.

As seen here, AE is made out of components.

I make a color instance using the custom parameter I mentionned before and after exporting that instance my AE looks like this:

The color layers are no longer components while the non-color layer is unchanged.

Can you now reproduce the issue at your conputer?

Hey @mekkablue, are there any updates on this matter?