Exporting Error Help - Using PNGs for font

Hi, I’m new to Glyphs and have been following some tutorials to try and export a font.

As you can see below this font is to be comprised only of capitals and contains no special characters (I’ve deleted them). It is also made from PNGs of each letter.

I’m having problems whenever I try to export. I have tried exporting as both TTF and OTF. When I export with AutoHint on I receive the following error message:

“Problem with TTFAutoHint: No glyph for a standard character to derive standard width and height. Please check the documentation for a list of script specific standard characters, or use option --symbol”

If I export without AutoHint my font comes up as undefined.

I’m clearly doing something very wrong! Fingers crossed it’s something simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You want to export an sbix font containing bitmaps? Have you read the sbix tutorial?

You cannot hint bitmaps.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have read the tutorial but didn’t include size variations. Will this be causing my font to come up undefined as follows?

sbix may not reverse engineer when you open the compiled font in Glyphs.
Can you test the font with TextPreview?