Exporting font that has png images in it drops images

I exported the font I created with png image files as a ttf file but the glyphs with png files don’t get displayed in the character viewer. (The glyphs I drawed on Glyphs render fine there) Even when I open the ttf file in Glyphs, the glyphs that I assigned png images to are just empty as if I didn’t attach anything to them. I was going to do what this article says, but is this only for newer versions of Glyphs? Mac OS X 10.8 Glyphs 1.4.5 (trial)

TrueType fonts do not support images, only outlines. There are some extensions to support colors but none of them is supported everywhere. And you need Glyphs 2 to export them.

Thank you for the reply, but are you sure that TrueType fonts don’t support images? Mac comes with a ttf file “Apple Color Emoji.ttf” out of the box and it displays bitmap images in the character viewer or even in Glyphs. Doesn’t it mean TrueType fonts support bitmap images? I just tried Glyphs 2 on another machine that runs on a newer OS now, but it didn’t work either. I can attach images, but once I export the font, it disappear. If it doesn’t support images, how was the linked article possible?

If you set it up correctly as explained in the tutorial it should work.

Technically, it is an sbix table in an OpenType font. That font is a TT-flavoured OpenType font.

What exactly did not work?