Exporting font with features with disabled glyphs

maybe theres some deeper reason this shouldnt be.
but could it make sense to simply disregard the lines that refer to disabled glyphs on export? rather than having to rewrite or update teh feature code,

givin this could be temporary

That would work for simpler features. But not so much for more complex setup. There you would loose a lot functionality. And if that glyph is in a class and you remove the glyphs from one class and the substituted class is not changed, so the code would not compile.

i anticipated that. but lets asume the entire features are automaticly generated…
shouldnt that in this case be addressed

Automatic features should be automatically regenerated if you use a Remove Glyphs parameter. If you manuela deactivate the glyph, you should also make sure to update the features. You might not be aware that a certain feature needs that glyph, so giving an error instead of just fixing the problem is better. If you remove or add glyphs all the time, you can add an Update Features parameter (that parameter is currently only in the instances, but I added it to the font, too).