Exporting font with repeated glyph names

I’m trying to modify a couple of glyphs of Source Han Sans. But when I try to export it, I get an error message because the font contains glyphs with repeated names. These glyphs have nothing to do with the characters I’m editing. Apparently the Korean glyphs are causing the problem. Given they’re thousands, it would take ages to solve the problem manually. Does anyone know an efficient to solve it? Is it there any other way to modify the font without having to modify other aspects of the font?

Thanks in advance.

The error message should tell you what names are duplicated?

Yes, in the attached file you’ll see how long the list is. I can’t go through all those characters, especially if they’re not related to what I’m trying to adjust in the font.

repeated_glyphs.txt (24.5 KB)

can you send me the .glyphs file?

Thanks for your response. Here’s a link to download the file

You can probably disable all Hangul glyphs to get rid of the problem, if you don’t need the Hangul.

And what file did you open originally?

I did try disabling the Hangul set, but that started causing issues with the OT features which seem to be complex, so I fear affecting the functionality of other scripts. Here’s the link for the original file. I also tried with the otf’s in Github. Thanks for your help.

Search for “.ljmo0” in font view and remove all of them. There is a bit feature code, but you should be able to clean that up. I’ll try to improve that.

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I fixed the import of the names.

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Thanks for your help, Georg. Sorry to be such a PITA. Do you have any clue about what this message means? This is the link to the file.

Yes, this is a problem with a tool from Adobe that is used to export CID keyed fonts. I updated that tool to the latest version (available in the latest cutting edge version). The new version complains that there are too many glyphs.

What are you trying with this font. Maybe use a version that only has the glyphs you need?