Exporting Glyphs is empty in OTF

I am trying to export my glyphs to Adobe but my outcome file is only made of the dots to “Å, Ä Ö” and all my other glyphs is gone. I imported my glyphs from Indesign and have all the Glyphs filled under the “Fonts”-folder but the export is going wrong somehow. I tried to export another font also but without any results(but then I only made 2 glyphs) just to find the error.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew00d884s94vg19/park.glyphs?dl=0 there is my project file.
Thank you

Your letters are just built from single strokes. Those don’t even export and wouldn’t work as a font if they did. You have to work with closed paths (shapes) to create anything with usable thickness.

You can add a custom parameter to instances to stroke a path. Search the handbook for “offset”, there are several relevant sections that you’ll need to read.

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