Exporting Glyphs of Certain Masters

Hello Fellas!

Just a quick question — Is there a way to export Glyphs from certain masters / instances, and not others?

I’m working on four masters, which comprises of two weight masters, with an optical axis for each. This then generates 3 sub families - Text, Headline & Fine.

I’m working on tabular figures, but of course I will only need this for the “Text” Family. Of course if I really wanted, I could export and delete the Glyphs from each specific instance, but there must be an easier way!

I have found a quick hack, but only ideal in this circumstance. I’ve just deleted the nodes in the masters that I would not want them to appear, so just keeping my tabular figures in my text masters, but not in my two ‘Fine’ masters. This will, of course mean that every time I export i’ll get a notification that not every Glyph interpolates.

Of course tab figs are welcome in any optical size, but the overall of weight of my Black, Fine master means that the metrics used universally for these figures would have to be really wide to accommodate. After a bit of research, it seems any other families with optical sizes leave out tab figs on Display sizings.

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One thing to consider: using the Remove Glyphs custom parameter in those instances (Instances tab of File > Font Info… [Command-I]) in which you prefer not to export those glyphs, described in the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook, section 17.3 Custom Parameters (p.194).

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the suggestion from @composerjk is just what I would have said.

Ah! This works exactly how I needed. Thank you so much @GeorgSeifert and @composerjk

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Hi Guys, this has been working great for a while, but I’ve encountered a problem whilst exporting now that I cant get my head around!

For the two ‘Display’ families (Fine & Headline), I have hairline brackets, parenthesis, etc setup as ss.01., as the middle optical size (Headline) is entirely a product of interpolation, I have setup hairline brackets for my Text & Fine families, but under parameters of the Text family instances, i’ve instructed them to be removed. This was working very well…

But now i’ve decided to keep my tabular friends in all optical families - I’ve setup tabular brackets, including tabular hairline brackets as parenleft.ss01.tab, etc. I would like these tabular, hairline brackets to be used for both the Fine & Headline families. These have all been setup within my features correctly…

But unfortunately I’m getting this error:
Error: “Glyph “parenleft.ss01” not in font.” in Feature tnum in line: 1
Error: “Glyph “parenright.ss01” not in font.” in Feature tnum in line: 2
Error: “Glyph “braceleft.ss01” not in font.” in Feature tnum in line: 3
Error: “Glyph “braceright.ss01” not in font.” in Feature tnum in line: 4
… The list goes on!

This makes sense that as I’ve told Glyphs to remove these for my Text family, but to apply these features, it has to be done to the overall file within the features.

How can I get these hairline, tabular brackets working for the Headline / Fine family, but not for the Text family?

I apologise if this is extremely confusing!

This means that your OT feature code in File > Font Info > Features is referencing glyphs that are not available. You need to update your feature code.