Exporting glyphs that have been deleted


I’m using Glyphs Mini 2.0.2 (92) and am experiencing a couple of strange export/save issues.

The first is that the app is exporting glyphs that I’ve marked ‘no export’. I exited and relaunched the app a couple of times, but the issue persisted, so I removed the glyphs altogether, using the ‘-’ function. Nonetheless, even though the glyphs do not appear anywhere in my file on screen, they continue to be exported. Any ideas? Maybe related somehow to the next issue…

The same font file as above is saving to a different directory to the one stipulated - instead of saving in the appropriate font folder, it’s being saved into my general documents folder.

I appear not to have this issue with any other font files, including a variation of the font in question.

Any help would be appreciated.


How do you verify their being exported?

When I install the font in Font Book (having first perviously deleted the earlier version), the glyphs are still present in the list, even though they were deleted from the font file. Other changes made between versions (such as changes to ornaments on the numerals) took effect and were visibly different from one version to the next in the Font Book preview, so this doesn’t appear to be an issue regarding Font Book updating.

This is a font cache problem. Read this please:

Better use apps like OTMaster or FontTableViewer, or reopen the exported font in Glyphs.

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Any thoughts on the fact the font saves to my ‘My Documents’ folder, even though I specify a different folder? Or is this all tied up somehow with the caching issue?

What is the My Documents folder? Do you mean the Documents folder, the one you get when you press Cmd-Shift-O in Finder?

It can’t have escaped your attention that I’m not very technically-minded. :slight_smile: I’ll try to explain.

To start with, yes, the ‘Document’ folder I’m referring to is the one that comes up when you press Cmd-Shift-O in Finder.

I have created a sub-folder within the ‘Documents’ folder (lets call it ‘Sub 1’); and I have a sub-folder within this sub-folder for fonts (we’ll call it ‘Fonts’).

I started playing around with a new ‘Regular’ font. I wasn’t really sure I was going to see the project through, so it initially sat within the ‘Fonts’ folder as an independent file. I did finish it and started working on an ‘Ornamented’ version of the same font, using the ‘Duplicate’ feature within Glyphs. Once I was happy that I was going to fully commit to both, I created a font family sub-folder within ‘Fonts’ (call it ‘Font 1’) and moved both fonts into it.

I continued working on both fonts. Each time I saved my progress, both Glyphs files in ‘Font 1’ updated. Each time I exported the fonts, the ‘Regular’ font file in the folder ‘Font 1’ was overwritten, but the ‘Ornamented’ font file in ‘Font 1’ was untouched. Instead, the latest export redirects as an independent file to the ‘Documents’ folder, three layers up. This is despite ensuring the ‘Where’ box is correctly identified as ‘Font 1’ before exporting.

Could all this somehow be linked to the caching?

I will try to reproduce the issue later today. If I cannot reproduce, let’s schedule for a screen sharing session via DM.


This ‘exporting to the wrong folder’ issue has persisted. And, I now have another (related?) issue: when I export the font, Glyphs replaces the name of the font family with ‘null’ (i.e. my font file is called 'null-regular.otf).

Is there any way I can generate a report of some sort so you can see what’s happening?

The file name is derived from the Family name in Font Info > Font and the style name in Font Info > Instances. What are the entries there?

All the fields are filled in correctly, using the family name. I’m also trying to save to the font family’s own folder, but it’s redirecting to the wrong one when I export the otf (though not, oddly, when I save the Glyphs file).

I’m away from my desk until the morning - probably better if I either send you a screenshot or record my actions so you can see exactly what is going on.

Do you have any funny characters in the family name? Could you send me the file?