Exporting glyphs to use on other apps

Hello all, what a long trip it’s been. After many months I have finally got my glyphs to look and behave how I want them to! The original reason I set out to design this typeface was to be able to use them on my website/ other apps. Im very keen to get these exported for use on my instagram bio/ comments/ etc. Ive been cruising the tutorial section on how I should go about this. Has anyone done this with their own set of glyphs? I know that it will require some 3rd party apps to get everything seamless but does anyone have any pointers on what type of format/ settings I should be exporting my glyphs as? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Normally you export as OpenType font and then use that in any app or as a webfont.

What other settings to I need to click? When I go to export it says:

MakeOTF error, Empty lookup in feature kern


OK I cleared that hurdle and was successful in exporting in AI and the font appears to be working the way I want it to. I just need to know what type of settings/ what I should export as to be able to use this on instagram! Im reading up as much as I can right now but your help is always greatly appreciated!

You want to use a custom font in Instagram? Only for you to see or for everyone? Inside the pictures or the (selectable) text of the webpage?

For everyone to see, in the selectable text within peoples bio/ comments.

Can you inject custom CSS in your Instagram page?

I don’t think it is possible to use custom css or webfonts on most social medial sites.

There are multiple websites where you just copy and paste. Does it have something to do with unicode? I have my font right where I want it I just need to somehow make it so I can do a direct copy and paste. Let me know what you think! Thanks

I can help you generate a working webfont. I have no experience with these websites. Do they offer support?

I don’t thing that are fonts but some “repurposed” unicodes. There are “Blackletters” and “Bold Blackletters” in Unicode and the website is translating to those codes.

Forgive me lol I’m very much a novice at this whole thing compared to you guys. Is there a way to program my glyphs to be copy and pasted just like 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 ? This is the whole reason I purchased the software because I know eventually I’ll figure this out! As always your responses are greatly appreciated.

When you copy paste glyphs like “𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘”, you are not copying the test “this” with a custom font but a list of special math unicodes: MATHEMATICAL BOLD FRAKTUR SMALL T (0x1D599), MATHEMATICAL BOLD FRAKTUR SMALL H (0x1D58D) … What you see is the system font that has a version of those glyphs. You can’t use any other font instead.

So is there absolutely any way to get what I want done or is it impossible?

Unfortunately I think it’s impossible.

Can someone describe this to me in simpler terms? I just have a hard time believing that with all the languages out there (sanscrit, Korean, etc) that this feat is impossible! If anyone has any other info plz let me know because I’m not giving up yet!

You need to inject your own font into the website. Or more precisely, Instagram would need to allow you to embed custom CSS.

Glyphs cannot help you with that, as we have no control over other people’s websites. You would need to ask Instagram support for that feature.

What you can always do is put it in a picture and post that.

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