Exporting Hangul

Hi, I’m trying to export Noto Sans KR to WOFF. I’m getting an error saying that “The font contains glyphs with the same name.” In general, how do we export fonts with Hangul support?

Thank you.

It should tell you the double glyphs. What are those?

And there are no special considerations regarding Hangul. The only think you need to decide it if you like to export a CID-keyed font or not.

There are a lot of them.

Then maybe the import went wrong? What files did you open?

It’s an OTF file. It’s from Google fonts. I’m just trying to convert it to WOFF.

Don’t open a font in a font editor just to convert it to WOFF. Decompiling it will loos stuff. And WOFF is only a compression that contains the original font data. There are tools for that.

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Any tools suggestions? Thanks.