Exporting issues

Hello everyone!

I am exporting a typeface. The characters look great, on-screen but when I transform its proportions like 100% to 140% width it starts doing weird shapes and I just want to know.

I do tick the following options when I am exporting the font on OTF preferences: (Removing overlap) and (Autohint).

I am not sure why this is happening, my point here is: Should I Outline the font manually? It kind of sucks, but when I used to work with font lab never had this issue when exporting fonts.

What do you mean by that?

By changing the proportions, I mean using 100% wide and 140% width for example.

That looks strange.
Where/How do you do that. Is that a variable font?

No, it is not a variable font, it is the font working inside of InDesign,
On top 100% 100%
On bottom 140% 100%

  1. Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?
  2. Did you export as TTF? Distortions may appear if you have TT hinting.
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Hi Rainer,

I think it was happening because of the auto hint. Now it is solved. Actually, I did already the hinting manually.

Thanks for your support.