Exporting layer fonts plus merged font?

So I want to create an inline font and provide 3 OTFs in the end:

  1. the regular “solid” font.
  2. just the “highlight” elements, which can be put on top of the solid font
  3. A combination of 1 and 2 resulting in a regular inline font.

I understand from the layers tutorial that I can easily create 1 and 2 as masters and keep everything in sync. Great!
But what is the recommended process to create the merged version?

That would need a small custom plugin.
I made a very simple plugin that should help you:


Cool plugin. I do not get it to work in Glyphs 3 though.

Every time I start up Glyphs it gives me the error:
The last time Glyphs was started, the plugin: MergeLayer.glyphsPlugin has crashed
Remove the plugin or reinstall the plugin and make sure all modules are installed and up to date.

There is no highlight on the Merge instance in the MergeLayer.glyphs sample file.

Hi Georg - will there be an update to this plugin?

I’ll have a look. Could you add an issues in the plugins repository?

I am still very much looking forward to this plugin to start working in Glyphs 3.

I actually have several types that are waiting for this plugin. It would save me tonnes of work of copy-and-paste or merging the fonts in other ways. I would love to see it updated!

Thank you!

I had a look at the plugin. Fixing it was easy. But the API inside Glyphs has changed so that it doesn’t fit any more. I’ll see if I can find something.

Thanks a lot!

Does this mean that I could use the plugin by opening Glyphs in a different API?
(I don’t know anything about programming or Macs, but I remember something about cmd+i in the Applications folder.)

How would I access the updated version of the plugin?

I replaced the API and the new structure doesn’t work any more for this use case. So I find a new way.

Is there any way for me to try it now?
Alternatively, any way I can be notified when I can?

Sorry, just very excited to use this feature.

I didn’t fix this, yet.

Any news on this plugin?

Hi again! Is there any news on this?

We’ll see if @RafalBuchner and I can update the plug-in for Glyphs 3 and add it to Plugin Manager.

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The script is filter already, but the API is missing. I need to add that.

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Hi again!
Any news so far? I’d really like to try it out.

I found a solution. I found a bug on the way so the solution will only work in the next update. I needed to change the MergeLayers plugin and the way the plugin is set up. You need to add a custom parameter like this:

PreInterpolationFilter = MergeLayer;Inline;Regular

The last two words in the list line are the master names. The first is the one master you like to merge into the other.

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Still trying to get this to work, without success. I am testing with the plugin and sample file from: GitHub - schriftgestalt/MergeLayer

The two masters:

The above setup gives me error:

I instead tried:

This gives me three fonts, but none of them is merged:

Am I doing something wrong?

The MergeLayer plugin is not working in Glyphs 3, still. It is still on my list

Okay, anything I can do to get it done, I am available. I think it will be very useful.