Exporting masters not instances

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I’m pretty sure the question was asked before, yet I could not find the answer.
I’m working on a typeface with 3 style variants – sharp, stencil and rounded – and they all share the same metrics therefore glyphs doesn’t allow me to instance for each master.
I added a custom value of MasterName.
I worked on those in 3 separated files but I thought now it could be easier to work in one – how this could be achieved?


How about giving the masters different custom values? Simply 1, 2 and 3. Btw, you can use the custom text field to give them meaningful names (sharp, stencil and rounded) but that’s just for your convenience.

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adding this custom value worked but this seems to be more like a trick to achieve the result, so I wonder if there’s any “official” way.

This is the official way. The mapping from masters to instances is solely done by the coordinates. And those have to be unique.

following this topic;
I wonder if the font is a single weight/style… would it be “OK” to export directly from the master without having a single instance ?

There is not way to export without an instance. If you don’t add one, it will make one on the fly.

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