Exporting multiple families from the same sources

  • Clients often want to change the name/license/etc of the Trial fonts, Webfonts, Subsets etc.
  • Fonts have a lot of styles/instances nowadays

→ It would be nice to not have to duplicate all the instances to change family parameters like family name, remove glyph, format, license etc. I often end up having 30 instances for 5 families with the same instance style name, when I could have 5 different “family settings” which will contain the same 5 styles.

Is there already a way to do that?

It is called a ‘project’, and has the file ending .glyphsproject. In short it is the Exports tab in a separate file. You create a new one with File > New Project.

In the current version there are a few issues unfortunately. Some values do not get saved in the file. But that is fixed in the upcoming beta.

I used to use the glyph project before, and I must say the user experience is a bit frustrating, it was more efficient to just set all the instances in the exports tab and “export all”. Exporting everything still take multiple clicks but still faster when there are changes to make.

(for each project you have to open, choose location, export, close, for each family if you don’t want the multiple duplicate instances effect)

What is the difference to the project file?

  • reset the instances (or link the .glyphs file)
  • select all instances and change the family name (or whatever else you need to reset)
  • export

cause it’s not only one parameter;

  • family name
  • export folder
  • format
  • licence description
  • TTF options
  • remove/keep glyphs
  • remove features
  • (sometimes rename glyphs)

Whatever workflow I try to imagine to make the export the most efficient as possible (using glyphproject or not), I always end up having to follow a list of 5 to 10 steps, having multiple duplication of instances.

I would rather use a bash script and do all in one click, but this is not user friendly for the clients who would like everything in Glyphs so they can export themselves.

You know you can batch-set those in Glyphs 3, right?

You mean by selecting all instances and add the parameters? If you meant something else, please tell me.

I find the variable font settings super practical, you can have a Normal VF, A Trial VF, a Web VF etc, by keeping the same set of instances → so family settings are separated from the proper instance settings → therefore no duplicated informations

We will think about it.

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This seems like a good application of the folders and tags I have advocated in the past. Special instances for clients, trials, etc., could all be collected into folders or quickly isolated by searching for a tag.