Exporting normal + SC family from a single glyph file

I have two questions
It’s more easy to mantain one .glyphs file and exporting two families from it.
I am using the following custom parameters:

  • familyName: Family Name SC
  • Rename Glyphs: a.sc=a, b.sc=b…
  • Remove Glyphs; a.sc,b.sc…
  • Update Features: True

Is this the best way to do it? Is there a custom parameter for telling glyph to “apply” OT features? For example something like:

  • Apply features: smcp

I understand that this wont work in complex situations like ligatures, fractions, contextual alternates or positioning, but it could be great for easy scenarios like smcp and ss0X families without thinking all the time on updating the custom params in all instances.

No, that is the right way to do it.

Trying to interpret a feature is tricky because it may make assumptions about other features being executed before or after. And about scripts and languages being active, or certain contexts to be ignored. And how would you interpret something like a locl feature?

I think it makes more sense to simply and clearly state which glyphs and features you want. You can automate the code for that too, you know.