Exporting OTF>ttf and OTF>otf at the same time?


is there a way to make the OTF export export the ttf and otf files in one go? It’s a super mundane and inevitably repetitive task I do several times a day, with only a checkbox being the difference. Almost always during the final stages of a design I want to export both variants at the same time.

Is there a way to do this, either via scripting, custom plugin, something even more simple?


I’m working on that. But it needs some more work.

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Certainly a feature I’d be very happy about, hope this comes soon :+1:

+1 on this…
Multi-file export would remove a huge time suck!
Same for variable and webfonts…

Any updates?

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Yes, soon. TT and CFF will still be separate though, because the hinting option means something else and the WOFFs do not differentiate flavour in the suffix.