Exporting: Rename Glyphs with custom GlyphData.xml doesn't keep Unicode

Glyphs 2.4.1 (942)

  • Custom GlyphData.xml file in the same directory as the .glyphs file with definitions that include a PUA Unicode value, e.g., of the form:
    <glyph unicode="E000" name="testName" category="Symbol" … />
  • Using Rename Glyphs custom parameter in an instance to export a version with alternate glyph forms, e.g.,

In the default exported instance, the proper Unicode value is set, e.g., E000 for the testName glyph.

In the exported instance with Rename Glyphs custom parameter, the rename/swap happens, but the new testName glyph does not have a Unicode value set. I expected the new glyph to have the Unicode value set in the custom GlyphData.xml file. In the meanwhile, I added the Reencode Glyphs custom parameter.

Also, I noticed that the production names were of the form uniE000 though no production attribute is set in the custom GlyphData.xml file. I would have expected the glyphs to retain the names specified in the GlyphData.xml file unless a production attribute was set. If that’s not the expected case, I can duplicate the name and production attributes.

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Took some time, but I just fixed it.