Exporting Selected Glyphs

Let’s say I have a filter that lists only uppercase and lowercase glyphs that contain only paths. Is there a quick way to export only these selected glyphs (for proofing and testing reasons)? I know I can select glyphs and make them non-exportable, but in this case I want to export only a few selected glyphs. Of course I can always select through a filter, then invert the selection, but then I’d have to open the Glyph Info window, disable some specific opentype features, go back to my main window…but in this case I’d want to do it faster, only temporarily. Is there a faster way to do this? Something like a ‘Export basic latin glyph set only’ or maybe 'export only basic uppercase and lowercase option. Thank you!

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What is the reason you like to do that?

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Does the ‘Keep Glyphs’ custom parameter not work for this?


Yes, Ben is right, the quickest way would probably be to right-click, copy the glyph names, one per line, and add them to the Keep Glyphs parameter. If you are doing this very often, you could write a quick script to avoid going into Font Info.

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To quickly test proportions. Get only the basic characters and change their x-height and width. Generate the fonts (with different names or in a different folder, of course), print proofs, test on screen, do it again with different proportions and so on. I’m using mostly RMX Tuner to do it quickly. What are the best practices for this workflow? Thank you so much! :blush:

But why not just export the whole font? The first export is a bit slower, but the second should be much faster. Or do you have thousands of glyphs in your font.

And if it is really to slow, add a Keep Glyphs parameter to your instances.
And disable all instances that you don’t need.

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I did that! I ended exporting the whole font, you are right, it’s easier doing that! Thank you!

You can also improve export speed by deselecting either or both of the Remove Overlaps and Autohint options.

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Thank you, Rainer!