Exporting Stylistic Set as Separate Font

I want to export the stylistic set of my font for usability purposes. I managed this successfully by using the ‘Rename Glyphs’ custom parameter.

But, the font is also exporting the standard set (and is renaming with the .ss01 suffix). This makes sense to me, but I don’t want the standard set to appear in the font. I have tried combining the ‘Rename Glyphs’ custom parameter with the ‘Keep Glyphs’, ‘Export Glyphs’, ‘Remove Glyphs’ custom parameters in various combinations, but whichever way I try to exclude the standard set from the export, I get an error message.

I know I could use the ‘Find and Replace’ option to rename the glyphs, but I understand the benefits of using custom parameters because its non-destructive so I’d prefer to get it working if possible.

Many thanks!

Combining “Rename Glyphs” and “Remove Glyphs” works for me in achieving this.

In the screenshot below the /a.ss01 is swapped with the /a and the /a.ss01 (now the original /a) is deleted.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, but this isn’t working for me. I cannot work out what I’m doing wrong. The glyphs are renaming perfectly, but the ‘Remove Glyphs’ isn’t working. The glyphs in the ‘Remove Glyphs’ list still appear in the export. I even excluded some ligatures that are not listed in the ‘Rename Glyphs’ parameter list and they are also continuing to export.

I have also tried the converse and used the ‘Keep Glyphs’ custom parameter. When I do that, the font exports without any glyphs.

I have quite a few features set up, classes, etc. I thought maybe they are causing an issue, so I disabled everything but it still doesn’t work.

OK, classic rookie error - I’d entered my multiple values in the ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter as space separated. I realized I had to put each value on a separate line (comma separated) :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your help!

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Ah yes very crucial, glad you figured it out!

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