Exporting syntax error

Exporting OTF sends this error message: “Syntax error at “,” missing “=” [features.fea 32” in class MMK_L_., in line 1

I looked for an answer on the forum, no luck. I know I’m supposed to find that line 1 in features.fea with some editor like textmate but that file won’t even open on textmate. I just need help finding the file to fix please!


Try to open the temp folder. In glyphs press shift + command + Y. Them, in the new opened finder window, go to one level up in the directory hierarchy, and go to the directory called Temp. From there, you are going to find a directory with the name of your font, inside such directory is the feature.fa file that you should check.



I found that file before but it looks like this:

languagesystem DFLT dflt;

table OS/2 {
TypoAscender 800;
TypoDescender -200;
TypoLineGap 200;
winAscent 1000;
winDescent 200;
WeightClass 700;
WidthClass 5;
WidthClass 5;
FSType 8;
XHeight 500;
CapHeight 700;
} OS/2;
table hhea {
CaretOffset 0;
Ascender 1000;
Descender -200;
LineGap 0;
} hhea;
table name {
nameid 0 1 “\A9 Gabriela Contreras”;
nameid 0 3 1 1033 “\00A9 Gabriela Contreras”;
nameid 1 1 “Alenda”;
nameid 1 3 1 1033 “Alenda”;
nameid 2 1 “Bold”;
nameid 2 3 1 1033 “Bold”;
nameid 9 1 “Gabriela Contreras”;
nameid 9 3 1 1033 “Gabriela Contreras”;
} name;

that’s it!!

That is it. For a better visualization try to download SublimeText, and then install AFDKO syntax from Package Control. The feature file will looks like this:

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Did you name one of your kerning groups “.”?

mekkablue… maybe…? Sorry new to Glyphs!

NICOLAS, There’s no AFDKO syntax download from the link, looked on Adobe’s site… is it the same?

Ok I did some changes, got rid of some groups, changed some names… but keep getting different syntax errors!!
So if I could just find the way to open the file to fix them!

You can send the file in question to support (at) this website without www.

Hi @gabycm,

Sorry for making you confuse. the AFDKO syntax is a kind of plugin for TextMate and SublimeText for highlighting the OpenType feature Syntax. It has not effect in the code. Try to check in one of your kerning groups names with of then start with a period, arch change it for a later or number, but not a period for the first character of the name.



It was all in the group name! Thanks