Exporting Time


I am exporting a font but it is taking a very long time - more than 10 mins - could this be indicating an issue or is there a way to possibly speed it up please?

Does the fonts has a lot small strokes like a hatching? Then you should disable “Production Glyph Names” in the export dialog.

Yeah each letter form has a lot of strokes, I’ll try that suggestion

Woo it worked! Thanks very much!

What is “Production Glyph Names” for?
Can I disable it during font development to speed up testing?

The speed is only an issue if you have really a lot of paths. Otherwise it does not make a big difference.

I’m working on a fairly complex decorative typeface at the moment and have completed around 150 glyphs – about a third of the way through. Rather worryingly, I am getting extraordinarily long export times. For example, the first dozen completed glyphs took 8 minutes to export, and now that I am up to 150 glyphs, the export time is over 45 minutes. I am used to exports taking a few seconds.

So, I found this thread, but haven’t been able to find the fix mentioned within, i.e. disabling “Production Glyph Names”. Do you have any other suggestions as to how I might be able to speed up the export process please? I am using the very latest build of Glyphs app.

You need to add a “Disable Subroutines” parameter to the font.

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Ah, perfect, thank you Georg!

Is there any way to disable subroutines in Glyphs Mini and if so, how?

If you have an exporting glyph with many nodes. Not sure what the threshold was, a hundred or so, IIRC. (Not on my Mac now.)