Exporting TTF's with non-OpenType "kern» table

Hi there,
I want to ask if somebody has an idea how to export TTF’s with old-style non-OpenType "kern» table?
I am aware that this is a legacy technique, but I still need this for some old apps.


There is a hidden custom parameter “Write Kern Table”. Add it to an instance.

…Thanks Georg for the quick response.
This works just fine for for me.

Just in case, is there a way to avoid the limitation of 10920 pairs?
(If got an error message that notes this)


There is no group kerning in old-style kern tables. Turning all your group kerning into individual kern pairs can create a lot of pairs, of course. Make a copy of the file and reduce your kerning as much as possible. There are some mekkablue scripts that can help you get rid of unnecessary kerning.

Also consider reducing the glyph set.

Some environments will not accept more than approx 2000 pairs in a kern table. I suppose you have a very specific purpose in mind, and therefore you can test very specifically as well.

super, thanks a lot for the great help.