Exporting ufo without glyphs set to not export


Is there a way to don’t export glyphs set to “not export” when exporting to ufo?


Currently not. What should happen with components that point to those glyphs? Should they be decomposed?


IMHO Ideally there should be an option to export all glyphs or only the glyphs set to export. If there are glyphs set to export wich have components set to ‘not export’ the designer should know and decide whatever fits for him (decompose before exporting or keep the non existing reference in the ufo).


BTW, opening ufo3 in Glyphs works fine but when saving again ‘layercontents.plist’ is removed. Is this because Glyphs saves ufo2 only or…? Thanks!


Could you send me a sample .ufo3 file?




I improved the ufo3 support a little.


cool, thanks!