Exporting ufo without glyphs set to not export

Is there a way to don’t export glyphs set to “not export” when exporting to ufo?

Currently not. What should happen with components that point to those glyphs? Should they be decomposed?

IMHO Ideally there should be an option to export all glyphs or only the glyphs set to export. If there are glyphs set to export wich have components set to ‘not export’ the designer should know and decide whatever fits for him (decompose before exporting or keep the non existing reference in the ufo).

BTW, opening ufo3 in Glyphs works fine but when saving again ‘layercontents.plist’ is removed. Is this because Glyphs saves ufo2 only or…? Thanks!

Could you send me a sample .ufo3 file?


I improved the ufo3 support a little.

cool, thanks!

:fire: Is there an update?

I just test exportet UFO files, and all non-exported Glyphs are still there. I’ll probably have to delete them before »Generate Instances« and exporting UFOs from each Instance.


  1. I see some glyphs where the decomposed smart components don’t perfectly match in alignment (as set up in the .glyphs file)
  2. Is there a way to remove overlaps within this »remove smart stuff« mechanism?
  3. When checking the »convert to production names« box, the opened UFO has still metrics keys with the old names, meaning they’re pointing into nowhere. They still got their correct number though. So I just wonder, if this is a problem when passing over the UFO to a production team that expects proper UFOs? Or, can the metrics keys be removed and the values be used instead?
  4. Some perfectly smooth curve points are no curve points anymore. I know that smooth curves are not really existing as a thing in bezier curves, but it’s still weird. Or?

It would be lovely if we wouldn’t need to touch the UFOs in order to make them look exactly as the drawings are made in .glyphs

I’m aware that it’s not your responsibility to export perfect UFOs! So please see it just as a set of observations / wuestions / bug reports :slight_smile:

I see that the misaligned decomposition already happens when generating the instances via »Generate Instances« but it’s all perfect in exported OTFs :confused:

Also, I tried to force the alignment of two smart components by using anchors. But they don’t work, and I cannot Enable/Disable the alignment of the components. Is that new? I even tried to force it with a script, but it doesn’t snap.


After talking to @GeorgSeifert we figured, that he is aware of all those things and that there’s a lot of rounding happening in the background, which the normal »Generate Instances« mechanism cannot really deal with. The OTFs are perfectly fine, so if anyone runs into this issue, consider to use the OTFs as a source for UFO export. And maybe consider to bring some things like components and feature code back into the UFOs via a diff tool, if required.

Thanks so much for all your effort, Georg! I really appreciate it.