Exporting variable font only within range of its instances

I have a font with masters with values 0 - 100.
the instances are not within smaller range, let’s say 30 – 70
I would like to have the masters not included in the variable font and then have it remapped so 70=250 and 30 = 50.

You need to add matters at these spots (Font Info > Exports, select an instance and choose Instance as Master from the menu) and then consider a Disable Masters parameter in the variable font setting in Exports.

I don’t understand, so basically it’s impossible unless I create master at 30 and 70? I am having wider range for possible later extension of the font

Correct, that’s not possible. I published a (very experimental) script that allows you to create subsets of variable fonts.

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ahhh that’s annoying ll just go back custom build scripts, unfortunately put too much hope in glyphs to handle this

You can automate it relatively easily in 3.2.

In 3.2, the “Disable Master” parameter actually works, meaning if you put master names into the parameter in a variable font setting, it will export a subset with the remaining masters. This means all you need to do is generate the missing new outer masters before export, you could do this with a script (my script above is quite messy, but maybe some of the methods might be helpful as they deal with intermediate/alternate layers).