Exporting Variable Font Using Strokes w/ 2 Axes

I’ve been trying to export a variable typeface with 2 axes, italic and regular.

I’ve been getting TrueType errors while exporting some glyphs that have overlapping points. I had to do a few weird things to get the edges to be angled vertically. Photos attached.

Bold E

Bold Italic E

Close up

When looking at ‘Show Nodes’ I can see there is a different amount between the italic & regular.

Is there a way to export this?

Close paths perhaps?

That would sort of defeat the purpose of using the strokes to create the typeface, unless i’m mis understanding.

Can you send me that file?

Yeah of course, it’s attached.

SIGNAL - V1 (Stroked).glyphs (68.4 KB)

Just to mention, I have outlined everything at this point for a few other reasons, but it would have been nice to be able to export this version as variable, would definitely use this in the future. The stroke function is super powerful.

There are two problems.
First, the round part in the lower left of the “E”. It is round on both sides of the stroke in the light master but not so much in the Bold. So either you need to rounding bigger that it has enough space to be round in the inner curve, too. And/or use a bracket layer to get a proper corner in the bolder weights.

And the interesting trick with the angled stroke endings produces slightly different results in the different masters do to rounding problems. I’ll see if I can improve this. but you need to change the setup that the path structure is the same on all masters (have that corner in the upright as well).

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Thanks for the tips, if I do another stroke exploration I’ll definitely take this into consideration.