Extending the Find glyphs feature

When using the Find (⌘ F) feature to search for glyphs, can it extend beyond the glyph that was typed to show all the variants?

For example, if I type վ (vew-arm) can it also show vew-arm.long, vew-arm.ss01, vew_now-arm.liga etc…

I tried the hidden search options (All, Name, Unicode) under the magnifying glass but it still only displays the typed glyph.

This is a typical case when it becomes a bit tedious to switch to the Latin keyboard to type the name of the glyph to see all the variations, select the glyphs, then switch back.

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That works for me. You can select them with Tab and Shift-arrows.

This is what I get.

When I type վ I only see the typed letter

I think it would be more useful to see all the related letters which share the name of the letter (vew without the -arm).

In the same way that if you type an f then you see ligatures/alternates.

The “f” is the char and the name at the same time. That’s why it works there. I’ll have a look.

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