Extension & pencil-tool & respect


ok just the last suggestions for this night :slight_smile:

A) Plugins and Extensions:

Could it be useful to also add ‘scripts’ to the extension manager in glyphs?
For now there are ‘just’ full plugins … I dont use github that often, so maybe it is just easier to make this via github - I dont know

B) Pencil-Tool

Like in Illustrator a Pencil-Tool could be very useful to draw rough letterforms (f.e. with the background-image option). And I just mean a very rough path. So you don’t have to click-click-click the turning points …

C) Applause

This is just a applause. I was absent a while, checked different tools for creation and checked glyphs2 after a while and g2 is just very great, usable and focused. So just a big thank you for this great venture.

A: If you have GitHub subscriptions , it is very easy to place their aliases in your Scripts folder, and the scripts are always up to date. But maybe I don’t understand what you are getting at. What would a script manager do more or better than Finder?

B: Makes sense for an illustration tool, but not sure about that in type design. The time it takes to clean up such a rough path is probably much more than to simply do it right straight away.

C: Thanks!

A: Ok, I will do it that way.

  • But I was think about to Add also ‘scripts’ in the add-ons manager to keep them synchronous.

B: I mean for a rough way to trace a sketch and f.e. mach a stroke-font > expand > test its flow. like this:

Have you tried the Trace Background plugin in schriftgestalt’s github repositories?

B: Trace the centre of the stroke and run Offset Curve filter (check Make Stroke option) to get the outline. You will need manual adjustment for optimal effect.


there is no trace.plugin I could use ??? or is there a manual for instalation - dont know about the x-code files …

Sure, download the repository, and find the .zip file inside.

ähm, ok – – – thats real great ! thank you

To mekkablue,

having placed the trace.plugin into the scripts folder of glyphs the software will not open using the 2.1.1 (769) build but on removing it again glyphs opens again any thoughts.


the plugin needs to be in the Plugins folder. You just need to double click the plugin, Glyphs will put int in the right place automatically.

Sorry should have said,

I placed the plugin manually inside the plugins folder after viewing the package contents inside Glyphs but how do I use this plugin as I only see a scripts folder available within Glyphs.


Never put something inside the app. It will destroy the app. And it will replaced with next update. Just double click the plugin.


How can I use the trace.plugin.

It will add a menu called Filter > Trace Background.